Surface Styles


Surface Styles

Countertops, bar tops, and table tops can be made in any of our construction styles. End grain, flat grain (plank), and edge grain are our three standard construction style choices. Each style has its own personality and looks. We also offer more complex and custom styles for those that want something completely different like steam and cold pressed curves, herringbone, chevron or weave patterns.

Flat grain

Also known as plank construction is an excellent choice if the counter is not for cutting and chopping directly on and where the grain and character of the wood is the desired element to be seen.







Edge grain

Takes a little from both the end grain and  flat grain and combines the two together for strength, durability and pleasing looks.








End grain

The recommended construction style for direct food preparation as it’s the hardest and most durable. This style is smaller sized pieces of vertical wood fabricated together to form a large slab showing only the “ends” of the wood. With end grain we can incorporate patterns with mixed wood species to form checkerboards and borders.







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