At Culinary Hardwoods there are two choices of wood counter finishes for your butcher block countertop. They are both for different needs and purposes. Our CUL-GUARD finish is a built up spray on finish in seven coats that is treated like furniture and gives a maintenance free wood countertop. Our oil finish is for those that want the natural look and feel of a hand rubbed finish, or wish to cut and chop directly on the countertop, periodic oiling will keep the butcher block in like new condition for life.


Natural Tung Oil

Our pure natural tung oil finish deeply penetrates to seal and protect from within the wood fibers. Our natural tung oil wood counter finish provides a food safe, waterproof, heat and stain resistant solid wood surface. The oil finish is a spot repairable finish with little maintenance. It needs to maintained about once a year simply by wiping on and wiping off with a rag and our supplied oil to keep the butcher block sealed and protected.


For the good look of wood that will not be used for food prep we use CUL-GUARD a proprietary application developed specifically by Culinary Hardwoods for wood countertops. Itís a 7 coat system, it starts with 2 coats of catalyzed sealer top and bottom followed by 5 coats of special catalyzed oil alkyd. FDA approved for countertops and kitchen furniture. Its waterproof, maintenance free, stain resistant, very mar resistant, and moderately heat resistant (cup of coffee, pizza box, bowl of soup). Its HAPS and formaldehyde free with absolutely zero off gassing. Wood Counters with this finish are offered lifetime warrantee and support


Stains to suit your style

Many different wood stain colors are available on all our wood countertops. Staining your new wood countertop with one of our many stain colors is a great way to match and contrast surrounding finishes in the home. Custom matching stain colors are also always available.